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One of the most iconic elements of Las Vegas even since the old days have been the pink feather clad showgirls. From the Copa Room to the flamingo girls were employed across town to dance, mingle and simply look great! Known for the elaborate and colorful outfits these girls wear like no other, the Las Vegas Showgirl is a recognizable image the entire world over. In VEGAS! The Show we keep the tradition alive by employing some of the country’s most talented and beautiful dancers to truly carry on the tradition of old. One of those dancers is the always stunning Nicole Hamilton! Born in raised in Nashville Tennessee, before she came to Vegas, Nicole had a very fitting role before her time as a showgirl.

Nicole actually danced for the Dallas Mavericks Basketball team for three years. After her run with the Mavericks Nicole became a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys!  During her 5 year run with the Cowboys Nicole was featured multiple times as an outside representative for the Cowboys cheerleaders, and even giving back to her country in a big way! Nicole would regularly perform for USO shows across the world, being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader is a title that comes with a lot of respect and, well admiration! Performing seven shows for the Charitable USO organization, Nicole claims it really makes her smile to put on a show for the troops and give back to her country and would do it again if she could!

Now Nicole is considered a Dallas Cheerleading Vet, and what a title! To this day she is honored by the Cowboys, for in 2009 she represented the Cowboys cheerleaders in the Hawaiin Pro Bowl and is considered one of the best! Nicole Hamilton is now proudly part of the Prestigious Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader 5 year club! No small feat to cheer for the most iconic team of cheerleaders in the world, Nicole is on track to a bright and successful future! But Nicole initially tried out for the Cowboys before the mavericks, and reached the semi-finals after what she called only two weeks of preparation. Fully motivated now she learned that Maverick auditions were only a few months away. So she hit the studio, and began to practice day in and day out for months, to which at 19 years old she was accepted as a cheerleader for one of the lead NBA franchises in the country. Three years later, she was naturally ready to move to the Cowboys and set for herself  a long checklist of goals including team captain and pro-bowler, to which after 6 years on the Cowboys she accomplished and then some! Now she has a fantastic career to look forward to, playing now as an iconic Vegas showgirl for nearly two and a half years, and being featured on the cover of magazines and show posters.

So you want to see a veteran Cowboys cheerleader doing what she does best live on stage complete with music and tributes that will bring you back to the old days? Then get your tickets to the award winning VEGAS! The Show today!

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